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CaptureHealth Leaders Media. News and feature for hospital administrators. Contributing writer 2014-2017.

Boston Health News blog. Launched Feb. 2009.

Nature Boston: Staff blogger, 2010-2012.

Medscape Medical News: Reporting on new research, meetings. 2011-present.

CaptureUndark magazine: Resurrecting the Heath Hen. De-extinction science hopes to one day bring back passenger pigeons or wooly mammoths. But the lowly heath hen of Martha’s Vineyard might be first. October 17, 2016

Capture2The Boston Globe: Gay history comes alive at the Mount Auburn Cemetery. July 8, 2016

The Boston Globe: The rose maven of the Public Garden. A profile of China Altman, leader of the volunteers who tend to the park’s rose beds. August 28, 2012

Radio: Overdose prevention: Still using, but still alive.Massachusetts and other states are trying a new approach to heroin addiction that aims at keeping addicts alive until they can get sober. The Health Show, WAMC, Albany, New York. 2010. Click for mp3 or via PRX page

Radio: On the way to wired medicine: A Massachusetts town struggles to create a health information network. Radio report, WBUR, Boston Dec 27, 2009 and WAMC, Albany, New York.

Nature Network Boston: Debate mounts over proposed biotech tax breaks. Critics of Gov. Patrick’s $1 billion life sciences bill question whether the drug development industry in Massachusetts needs financial help from the state. Jan 28, 2008.

The Boston Globe: Lightman’s dream: MIT physicist and author empowers young Cambodian women by building a dormitory for them in Phnom Penh. November 19, 2007.

Nature Network Boston: Campus donors ask for more: The recent controversy surrounding MIT neuroscience raises questions about how much power philanthropists have over universities. Nov 9, 2006.

Fast CompanyNot invented here — Drug companies now look to outside labs for new drugs. April 2007.

The Washington Post: Divided Loyalties? Nonprofit Health Advocacy Groups Like to Portray Themselves as Patients’ Allies. Can They Serve Corporate Benefactors at the Same Time? Lead story, “Health” section. January 7, 2006.

Award winners

Healing traditions: Americans have only recently begun to experiment with body work, herbs, acupuncture, and other forms of Oriental medicine. Cambodians have been doing it forever. The Boston Phoenix, June 21, 2001. New England Press Association awards, honorable mention.

To Be Set Free: A young woman waits for a new set of lungs. Cystic fibrosis is catching up with her.  The News & Observer, Raleigh, North Carolina. First prize, profiles, North Carolina Press Association awards, 1995.


A cure for complacency : Partners in Health convinced the world that it is wrong to let poor people die of tuberculosis. Now they want to do the same thing for AIDS. The Boston Phoenix, March 2, 2001

Science for Sale : A Harvard researcher could profit from a product he “independently” reviewed for the National Institutes of Health. The scientific community, dependent on corporate money, has no clear way to handle such conflicts. The Boston Phoenix, April 29, 1999.


The Boston Globe: Are lung cancer victims second class citizens? The debate over lung cancer screening. July 11, 2000.

Children of the Revolution : Two weeks in the life of an alternative newspaper at Boston University (and a break from the health care beat.) The Boston Phoenix , December 9,1999.

A lab of one’s own: A profile of the feminist scientists at The Silent Spring Institute, The Boston Phoenix, December 10, 1998.

More from The News & Observer


From the Utne Reader’s New Planet Section

Good Vibrations ? Two new forms of natural healing get mixed reviews. January/February 2001

Pork Futures: The problems and perils of xenotransplantation, Jan./Feb. 2000.

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